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Allumette Island is surrounded by the Ottawa River. At one mile wide it is the inter provincial boundary between Ontario and Quebec.

Samuel de Champlain traveled this river in the 1600’s; log booms were a common site from the mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s. Today the Ottawa river is mostly used by pleasure crafts and fishermen.

Allumette Island is also known as Iles-aux allumette’s. The island is approximately 25 miles long by 7 miles wide, having the beautiful Laurentian Mountains as a background. The publicly owned Laurentians have an abundance of wild game, namely, moose, deer, bear, wolf  and most other species native to North America. Allumette Island is located in the municipal regional county (MRC) district of Pontiac County. MRC Pontiac comprises 89% public land and 11% private land. Allumette Island is included in the 11% private territory, yet has 700 acres of public land within its interior. This unique acreage is mainly used by the public for sport and recreation.

Allumette Island has 3 bridges, 2 connects to the mainland in Quebec and the main one to its gateway in Ontario.

Allumette Island is located 150 kms west of Ottawa international airport, 365 kms west of Montreal and 400 kms northeast of Toronto.

Pembroke Ontario, our closest city, is just minutes away.  The city of Pembroke is best known for its annual international Fiddling & Step Dancing championship.

The climate of Allumette Island is noted for its four distinct seasons. Warm wet months of spring bring forth a hot dry summer season, which in turn precludes clear crisp days of fall. Winter’s cloak of cold temperature comes with lots of snow and throughout the  season residents revel in winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, skating and etc.

Allumette Island is  also blessed with a “state of the art” bicycle trail that extends for 92 kms.  Along with excellent boating, fishing and swimming, Allumette Island is Ottawa Valley’s best kept secret having limited development along its shores with privacy being its main tribute. Allumette Island has it all, just waiting for people to enjoy its surroundings.



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